R&D and Future Tech

GM Holden has a charter to assist in developing technologies that will meet the challenges of future human transport.

Researching future model safety strategies involves long-term collaboration with major universities, research organisations and Australian Government initiatives such as the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program.

GM Holden partners include the Monash University Accident Research Centre, Adelaide and Sydney Universities, QUT, Swinburne, Deakin and Latrobe Universities, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Wayne State University and Virginia Tech and Chalmers University Sweden.

Field Research

The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) became a research partner almost 20 years ago when GM Holden commissioned a long-term field crash investigation program.

Detailed case-by-case studies of Commodore crashes in Australia and New Zealand provide information on type, location and severity of impact, impact and intrusion measurements, comprehensive diagrams, photographic records, roadway details, lighting conditions, traffic controls and interviews with vehicle occupants.

Analysis of real world information gathered about these crashes drove the development of the first Australian airbag system and continues to influence injury risk reduction strategies.

A computer readout following high speed crash test.

Future Crash Avoidance Technologies

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) belongs to the first wave of new crash avoidance technologies finding their way into the cars we drive. Another is Head-Up Display (HUD), which projects key information, including navigation system directions, onto the windshield, allowing the driver to focus on driving.

Other systems still under development will enable effective communications between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure. They have the potential to make significant reductions to road trauma. However, it should be understood that only systems utilising mature technology with proven effectiveness will be considered for introduction on Holden vehicles.