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Feature packed and built tough, Holden's single and Crew Cab 4x2's strike a faultless balance between comfort and durability. When you need a 4x2 work ute that performs on the job as hard as you do, our gutsy single and dual cab vehicles can't be beat.

Bursting with features such as Electronic Stability Control, electric mirrors, MyLink infotainment system, Bluetooth© connectivity, the Holden range of 4x2 utility vehicles double as stylish and safe family cars. With a wide range of specs and options, you can tailor our 4x2 cabs to suit your lifestyle.

Are you up for the challenge? Experience the difference between a 4x4 and a 4x2 car when you book your test-drive at Holden today.

Holden Colorado 4x2 Single Cab

The Colorado Single Cab LS is the no-nonsense truck that’s rugged on the outside yet refined on the inside for everyday use with all the standard features you need to make hard work seem easy.

2.8L Diesel
5 Star
ANCAP Rating
7 Airbags

4x2 Colorado

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Holden Colorado 4x2 Crew Cab

The Colorado Crew Cab is available in a variety of models. It gives you all the power and performance of a rugged truck, but now it’s more refined than you’d ever expect. Under the bonnet, the Duramax diesel engine is tough and yet surprisingly quiet, even when working hard.

4x2 Colorado

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FAQ for 4x2 vehicles

All-round vision, durability, and driver comfort are just some of the reasons why a 4x2 is the ideal all-purpose vehicle. Need some questions answered? View our FAQ below to see if a 4x2 is the right car for your lifestyle.

4x2 FAQ

A 4x2 (or 2WD) means that the vehicle has four wheels and the power is distributed to only two wheels, usually the rear wheels.

A 4x2 is where only two wheels are powered by the engine. A 4x4 is where all four wheels are powered by the engine, but the front and rear axles are separated by a differential and a transfer case.

This depends on your lifestyle and budget. If you’re planning on going on off-road adventures and like the rugged look of a big vehicle, a 4x4 would be best. However, a 4x2 is perfect if you’re mainly travelling to and from work on roads or want to use it for everyday driving.

Yes, there are two distinct types of 4x2s. Whilst all types have four wheels, the power is distributed either to the two rear wheels or the two front wheels.

A 4x2 vehicle is still the most popular model on the market due to its affordability – they are a bit cheaper than their 4x4 counterparts. They are also just as rugged-looking as a 4x4, but without the added weight and complexity of a 4x4 vehicle.

Yes, Holden 4x2s are family-friendly. With up to 5 passenger seats and plenty of space in the tray for gear, you can go just about anywhere with the family.

Both the Holden Colorado 4x2 Single Cab and 4x2 Crew Cab come standard with diesel engines, making them generally more fuel efficient than petrol powered vehicles. However, fuel usage ultimately depends on how you drive and the conditions at the time.

Yes, driving a 4x2 is just as easy as driving any other type of model. And with cruise control and electric mirrors on all Holden 4x2s, it makes the drive even easier.