What we do and how we do it

How do you begin to design an all-new Holden Commodore?

The Brief

This car had to be

  1. Roomy on the inside (to seat 5 adults).

  2. Not too big on the outside.

  3. Of classic rear drive proportion.

  4. Athletic - with wide track, short overhangs, taut curves.

  5. Practical, safe, strong, great value.

The process began from the inside out. Architectural layout establishes where people sit. It takes in ergonomics (reach to controls), powertrain layout, wheel and axle location, door opening profiles and overall profile.

Requirements. The Design team considered flexibility. Basic architecture had to deliver Sedans (Commodore, Berlina and Calais)Long wheelbase sedans (Statesman and Caprice)Holden Ute. Holden Sportwagon. Then they worked with engineers to set basic targets and dimensions.

The Result. A universally appealing design with a real sense of Australian pragmatism. It delivers on all levels. Stylish. Safe. Spacious