Who we are

Who we are

The tight-knit Holden team of 100+ people working out of Australia's largest automotive design studio at Holden HQ in Port Melbourne has an enviable track record and its skilled resources are right up there with the best in the world.

Apart from fulfilling its fundamental brief to design Holden vehicles for Australian and export markets, Holden Design plays an increasingly vital role as a genuinely innovative and creative contributor to major General Motors vehicle programs.

It is now recognised as the centre of advanced design for GM in the Asia Pacific region and its expertise in advanced and production design is tapped by GM affiliates in North and South America and Europe.

A great example is the reborn Chevy Camaro, originally created as a 60s homage concept by GM designers in the USA and later approved for production.

The rear-wheel drive VE Commodore platform best suited the project and Holden designers and engineers took on the complex task of transforming muscle car concept into reality.

Their charter was "make it work" and the finished product, designed and engineered in Australia, manufactured and marketed in the USA, shows how brilliantly they succeeded.

Team Roles. Explore the different disciplines in Holden Design

Global Collaboration Studio

In Holden?s visualisation studio, designers and engineers work interactively with full sized maths concepts and assemble virtual vehicles with great accuracy.

Using this creative digital imaging tool, GM designers worldwide can share life-sized high-resolution 3D models of sketches, models and blueprints in real time. They can spin, zoom, see and discuss every detail; monitoring developments and trading ideas no matter how far apart they are.

Importantly, the tool also gives everyone involved in a new Holden vehicle program, from design through engineering to manufacture, the chance to make use of precise data very early in the development phase. It speeds the entire process and gives Holden the competitive ability to interpret market trends and act on them in an opportune way.

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