Field Research - Other Projects

Driver Distraction

US authorities estimate that 25% of crashes are caused by some form of distraction.Attention-diverters include mobile phones, climate control, sound and navigation systems. The next wave of change will come with full internet and telematics connections.

GM Holden researches real world and simulated environments to better understand driver workload and distraction.

Vehicle Simulator

A GM Holden simulator at Monash University studies how people of various ages behave as they drive and assesses cognitive workload. It replicates real world driving conditions with real time performance feedback, measuring interaction with controls, eye and head movements, monitoring distraction and fatigue.

Brain Injury - protection priority

Statistics show that for every road fatality, more than 100 Australians are seriously injured. Brain injury is the most critical area of impact trauma and many people suffer devastating and lasting effects, impacting families and causing significant community cost. Accordingly, prevention of head and neck injury remains a Holden safety development priority.

Older Drivers

By 2030, the number of Australian drivers over the age of 65 will have doubled. Holden research aims at influencing future vehicle design so that crash involvement risks for more fragile older drivers are reduced.