Captiva LTZ in Nitrate Silver

Built for Safety

Every time you get behind the wheel, everywhere you drive, the advanced safety technology of the Captiva will be watching over you and your family. To help prevent an accident the vehicle's active safety systems feature everything from Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), to Traction Control System (TCS), Brake Assist, Anti - Rollover Protection and 5 star ANCAP rating on all 2WD models.

Rear view camera

Great precautionary safety. Select Reverse
gear and the view behind your vehicle
automatically appears on the 7"
multifunction colour touch screen.

Rear View Camera

Blind spot alert#

Second guessing lane changes are a thing of the past with Blind Spot Alert. Radars mounted to either side of the Captiva constantly monitor its blind spots for approaching traffic. When an encroaching vehicle is detected, a warning light appears on the corresponding side mirror.


ISOFIX child seat anchorage technology across the Captiva range ensures your precious little ones are kept safe with a rock solid connection between the vehicle and the seat. You'll find ISOFIX-equipped child seats easy to install and remove every time.

Rear cross traffic alert#

When reversing, Rear Cross Traffic Alert intuitively scans cross traffic and warns of an approaching motor vehicle hazard.

Safety that ticks all the boxes

  • 5 Star ANCAP rating*
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Anti-Rollover Protection Brake assist
  • Traction control system (TCS)
  • Hill start assist (HSA)
  • Descent control system
  • ISOFIX rear child seat restraint

*Available 2WD models variants only.


stability control

ESC constantly compares the vehicle's movements with the steering wheel angle to determine if the vehicle is moving in the direction you intend. If skidding appears imminent, ESC applies brake pressure to individual wheels as appropriate, and, if necessary, trims engine power.
Active Rollover Protection

Active rollover protection

Should excessive body roll be detected, Active Rollover Protection applies braking to each wheel as required to help to minimise the risk of a rollover.


The Captiva comes standard with all the safety features you expect, including 6 airbags. These include curtain airbags for front and second rows, plus driver and front passenger front and side airbags.
Hill start assist

Start Assist

Hill Start Assist prevents the car from rolling away when trying to pull away on an upward or a downward gradient. This system engages automatically when a gradient is detected; it then acts to hold the car stationary after the brake is released giving the driver time to apply the throttle.

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