New VFII Ute

The ultimate sports machine.

The Holden VFII Ute really is the ultimate sports machine, that's thanks to a host of cutting-edge technologies
that make this one of the most advanced vehicles ever to wear the Holden badge. And now you can
experience the sheer adrenaline of taking a seat in the new VFII Ute, sporting a 6.2L LS3 engine on V8 models.

SSV Redline Ute in Heron White

Hearing is believing.

SSV Redline Ute in Red Hot

Hear the engine

The new 6.2L LS3
V8 engine

With a new 6.2L LS3 engine on V8 models, complete with BiModal exhaust and Mechanical Sound Enhancer, this powerful engine offers exceptional performance and towing capabilities churning out 304kW* of raw power and 570Nm* of torque.

BiModal Exhaust and Mechanical Sound Enhancer


Unleash the heightened aural potential to allow maximum exhilaration. The BiModal exhaust has been tuned to provide a balance between a sporty V8 soundtrack and a refined note. The system can also be switched to a non-active mode through the infotainment system.
Mechanical Sound Enhancer (MSE)

Mechanical Sound
Enhancer (MSE)~

The MSE enhances induction noise and supplies targeted frequencies into the cabin. The MSE operates in conjunction with the BiModal exhaust to provide a balance between exhaust and induction sound character.
Refined Tune  Suspension

Refined Tune

The FE3 suspension featured on SSV Redline models has been updated to improve ride comfort with a retune of the front and rear dampers. On the sedan only, changes to a new rear stabiliser bar and softer rear springs have been made to enable further ride quality refinement without compromising handling performance.

Performance across the range

3.6L V6 SIDI

The latest generation version of the premium 3.6 SIDI V6 brings greater refinements to an already well-balanced package, including the use of new, lighter weight components and enhancements designed to improve performance, efficiency and durability.

Ute Engine 3.6L V6 SIDI
Availability Ute, SV6
Power 210kW@6700rpm#
Torque 350Nm@2800rpm#
Transmissions 6-Speed Manual Transmission (SV6 only),
6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Active Select

#Maximum figures as per ECE regulations

6.2L LS3 V8

The 6.2L LS3 V8 is The most powerful in Holden's history. Standard with SS and SS V-Series models, and optional with the Calais V-Series, this 6.2 litre V8 engine offers exceptional performance and towing capabilities churning out 304kW~ of raw power and 570Nm~ of torque.

Commodore Engine 6.2L V8
Availability SS, SSV Redline
Power 304kW@6000rpm#
Torque 570Nm@4400rpm#
Transmissions 6-Speed Manual Transmission Or
6-Speed Automatic with Active Select

#Maximum figures as per ECE regulations.
Figure quoted using 98 RON (PULP).

Powerful design.

SSV Redline Ute in Heron White


Bold. Precise. Powerful. You can see it in the new VFII Ute's sleek form - its athletic
physique making an unforgettable statement on and off the road.

Ute Design - Exterior


If you thought the VFII Ute blew you away from the outside, that's just the start. A fighter jet
cockpit inspired interior makes each drive more exhilarating. Every element has been dialled up.
From the responsive feel of the tactile steering wheel, the twin needle and deck stitching
on the seats to the chrome detail.

Ute Design - Interior
Commodore Limited Editions

Commodore has always been a car for drivers who appreciate performance, and the unique technologies engineered into these limited edition models will ensure these are the best drivers' Commodores yet.

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Powerful technology.

The VFII Ute is one of the most advanced vehicles to wear the Holden badge,
thanks to the vast array of high technology features integrated throughout.

Seamless connectivity

#Not all devices are compatible with the Commodore's MyLink infotainment system.
See for details.

Technology that protects

Rear View Camera

Standard on every new VFII Ute is a Rear View Camera and Front and Rear Ultrasonic Park Assist giving greater awareness of the vehicle's surroundings and helps to avoid the unthinkable.
Rear View Camera
Ute Blind Spot Alert

Blind Spot Alert^

Second guessing lane changes are a thing of the past with Blind Spot Alert. Radars mounted to either side of the VFII Ute constantly monitor its blind spots for approaching traffic. When an encroaching vehicle is detected a warning light appears on the corresponding side mirror.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

ESC constantly compares the vehicle's movements with the steering wheel angle to determine if the vehicle is moving in the direction you intend. If skidding appears imminent, ESC applies brake pressure to individual wheels as appropriate, and, if necessary, trims engine power.
Ute - Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

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