Have you heard? No more holden closure. Holden is here to stay!

We’re here to stay

“Some people reckon Holden is shutting up shop.
Well, you know what I’d tell ’em… and here’s why.”

Dealer of the Future render

Investing millions in New Zealand

To demonstrate our commitment to New Zealand, alongside our Dealers we’ll be investing more than $50 million over the next few years to upgrade our 51 locations around the country, including building 16 new dealerships and other major developments - all designed to improve the way we interact with our customers. This comes after recent upgrades to Holden's New Zealand headquarters, a 50% expansion to the parts and distribution warehouse and the opening of the Holden Training Academy, in South Auckland.

Holden RedBull V8 Supercar in pit lane

Launching a major new road safety initiative: Holden Street Smart

Learning to drive on New Zealand roads is a risky business. Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury for young people. Working with Greg Murphy, one of New Zealand’s leading racing car drivers, we’ve started a community based initiative called Holden Street Smart. A drivers’ education programme that equips young Kiwis with the tools needed to drive our roads, well prepared and confident. The programme is a one-day event that provides young drivers and their caregivers the opportunity to undertake supervised driving practice. Moving across the country, Holden Street Smart is an investment in the future of young New Zealand drivers and their safety.

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Holden Commodore in tree-lined driveway

The best-looking Holden line-up ever, and more to come

Between 2015 and 2020 Holden will have launched 24 new vehicles in New Zealand, including the recently arrived and much anticipated all-new Commodore. Specially engineered to take on New Zealand’s most challenging road conditions, the new Commodore brings major enhancements in fuel economy, safety, functionality and technology. There are three different body styles – Liftback, Sportwagon and Tourer as well as new drive train combinations and all-wheel-drive capability that challenge perceptions of the Commodore brand. Holden is committed to bringing the best cars and technology to New Zealand that General Motors has to offer – all designed to deliver that breath-taking driving experience that Holden is known for.

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Greg Murphy in front of a Holden Commodore on a race track

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A word from someone who knows a bit about cars

Greg Murphy has spent a bit of time with the new Commodore and recently shared his first impressions and his thoughts on why this car deserves to wear the Commodore badge.

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