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Holden Certified Service

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our Complete Care Programme, including 3 Years/100,000km Free Certified Service

No extra costs

With all new vehicles you get 3 Years Free Certified Service, so you can maintain the performance, safety and value of your new car for 3 years, or up to 100,000km which ever comes first.

Nothing but the best

With trained expert technicians, using only Holden-approved parts and fluid, sleep easy knowing your car is taken care of.


One of the largest networks of service Dealers in New Zealand.

Maintain a servicing schedule and take your road trips even further.

Our recommended service intervals are calculated by time or distance travelled, depending on your driving style. Servicing your car regularly ensures the long term reliability and safety of your Holden and when it comes to selling your vehicle it can add value and buyer confidence.

Servicing your car by time

If you travel less than 15,000km in 12 months then you will need to service your vehicle according to time intervals. So your Holden will need to be serviced every 12 months (even if you haven't reached the KM limit).

Servicing your car by kilometres

If you drive more than 300km a week, use the odometer reading to determine when your service is due (every 15,000km, even if it has been less than 12 months since your last service).

Book a service

You'll get 3 years Free Scheduled Certified Service — up to 100,000km, (if you go that far in 3 years) carried out by trained Certified Holden technicians, using only genuine Holden parts. All up, if you do 100,000km you'll get up to six 15,000km Certified Services, and one WOF inspection.

Our Promise to You

It’s called Complete Care because you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing for the next few years when you buy your new car. It means you’ll get the best of Holden’s tech know-how and quality parts, to maintain the performance, safety and value of your new car for 3 years, plus 24/7 emergency support is also on-call. It includes 3 years Free Certified Scheduled Service up to 100,000km, for every Holden vehicle sold new in New Zealand by a Holden Dealer from 1 September 2017. It’s not a one-off thing either; it’s for every new Holden sold in New Zealand by our Dealers, courtesy of Holden NZ and your Holden Dealer Network. We do Care.

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We've got you covered

✓ Every new Holden, every model, every time - our cover includes every Holden vehicle sold by a Holden Dealer and first-registered as a new vehicle by a Holden Dealer from 1 September 2017.
✓ You’ll get 3 years/100,000km Free Scheduled servicing, by trained Certified Holden Technicians, using only genuine parts - up to 100,000km, whichever happens first, (if you go that far in 3 years). You can extend it too for a pre-pay fee.
✓ You’ll get your first Warrant of Fitness check and certificate @ 3 years old for free.
✓ All up, if you do 100,000km you’ll get all the 15,000km Certified Services including the 90,000kms, normally six services, and one WOF inspection.
✓ Please understand, this is the Scheduled Certified Services, for normal use, it excludes wear parts and any wheel alignments which may be needed, depending on driving use. Any extra interim abnormal-use services are not scheduled. Scheduled services are listed in your Service Warranty Booklet.
✓ If you sell your car, this cover moves with it – so long as Holden NZ are notified via a Holden Dealer.

Here's the detail. These T&C's are valid as of 1 September 2019

1. All services must be completed by a Holden Dealer/Approved Service Centre, within 3 months or a 3,000km window of the specified service interval time/distance. (Ask for advice if in doubt). Scheduled Certified Services are set every 15,000kms or 1 year, usually that’s 15,000km, 30,000km, and 45,000km or every anniversary of the first registration date or Warranty start. Should you drive a little more, it stretches out to include Scheduled Certified Services at 60,000km, 75,000km & 90,000km if you need it, free. Just remember, this only applies free if this is within the first 3 years until that free WOF (plus 3 months if needed).
2. Includes all Scheduled Service maintenance genuine Holden parts, oils and labour tasks within Holden’s Scheduled normal-use Certified Service up to 90,000km service. This is only completed if your odometer agrees with that km requirement, within 99,000km and a limit of 3 years 3 months from the date of new vehicle 1st registration by a Holden Dealer. We’d advise stick to the time, especially the WOF.
3. Includes only genuine Holden parts scheduled as replace; e.g. filters, seals, gaskets oils, fluids and spark plugs. (Excludes earlier replacement needs from ‘checks’).
4. Scheduled labour tasks itemised on the customer MPVI (Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection) checklist shall not be charged; including wheel rotations, battery check and a GM global warranty update check, when completed at the time of service. Service checks/adjustments prolong parts and vehicle life, reducing future wear.
5. The Scheduled Certified Services at 60,000km, 75,000km & 90,000km and are only included if completed before the vehicle is 3 years and 3 month old from 1st registration. Unless registered extension by a pre-paid fee via a Holden Dealer.
6. Missed services may invalidate the warranty terms and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit. Some replacement parts can be caught-up at subsequent services, like Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Spark Plugs & Brake/Clutch Fluid if those were missed.
7. To Transfer Ownership contact a Holden Dealer. This will help maintain the condition and value of your vehicle, so should you wish to hand your vehicle over to a lucky new owner, the cover goes with them. We suggest the new owner gets a Verification Inspection done at a Holden Dealer so they can advise on the vehicle needs. We are all happy to assist, there may be a small fee for the Dealer to do the inspection and the admin, (up to $59). Cheap peace of mind.

What's NOT Covered

✗ Holden Direct sale Government, Police or Direct Rentals, unless specially opted-in by a Holden Dealer.
✗ Any parts or fitting labour for tasks that are initially scheduled as check only or adjust only.
✗ Any variable-life wear parts; e.g. brakes, wipers, tyres, belts, batteries, and bulbs. (These may still be covered under warranty provisions if unexpected manufacturing faults occur). Dealers will advise you of any need for these separately and if they qualify for warranty cover.
✗ Any additional interim service/oil changes, between schedules, due to heavy, abnormal, unusual use.
✗ Additional interim oil changes may be indicated by the oil-life sensors, due to oil contaminations, or accelerated degradation from high-frequency of stop-starts, heavy acceleration, loading, towing, etc.
✗ Any wheel alignment, damage, cleaning, or extended diagnostic road-tests are extras.
✗ Any Ad-Blue, or fuel additives, or any Non-GM branded products or parts.
✗ Subsequent unknown owners, that have not been verified and notified to Holden, (not transferred).

And finally... we won't normally charge you for:

• Courtesy services and loan vehicles, unless pre-agreed by the Dealer.
• Brief diagnostics at the time of a service, unless for an abnormal specified fault-finding task, requiring separate time allocation and testing.
• Sundries and consumables during a Free Scheduled Certified Service.
• Non-GM branded oil surcharges
• Or local labour rate variances - every Dealer’s the same when it’s free.