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The smart way to buy your new Holden.


SmartBuy's guaranteed minimum buyback price gives you an assurance of your vehicle's future value.


Guaranteeed minimum buyback price.


Enjoy the certainty of fixed payments.

It’s up to you

If you comply with the terms of the agreement, at the end of the financing agreement you can keep it, trade it or return it.

Keep it

Keep your Holden by making the final, residual payment, which reflects the agreed value of the vehicle at that date.

Holden Spark in an alleyway.

Trade it

You can replace your Holden and use the trade-in value towards your next Holden purchase.

Couple doing paperwork.

Return it

Return your vehicle to your Holden Dealer, paying a $350 fee and any excess charges instead of the final payment.

Holden Spark with CarPlay integration.
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