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Holden Takes you on amazing journeys

For more than 150 years, Holden's core purpose has been to create better journeys for all New Zealanders.

Star Wars takes fans on incredible journeys through astonishing locations, characters and vehicles.
Both Star Wars and Holden inspire and unite people of all ages, delivering experiences that are out of
this world for all New Zealanders.

A New Era In Technology

Automatic Park Assist^

Automatic Park Assist^ takes the guesswork out of parking. Not only can every single Commodore steer itself into difficult parallel parking spaces, it will also automatically guide itself into the tightest of right angle parks. Before you know it, you'll be parking like a
Jedi Master.

Apple® Carplay™

Holden's MyLink# infotainment system features Phone Projection which offers compatibility with Apple® CarPlay™. It is one of the most exciting in-vehicle technologies since the creation of the Death Star and is a simple and smart way to access phone apps, stay connected and keep focus on the road.


With your protocol droid... sorry...
smartphone, you'll be able to access your
contacts, recent call lists, music and more
on the touch-screen while the phone is
safely stored away.