COVID-19 Announcement | Holden New Zealand

COVID-19 Announcement

Why are dealerships closing?

At Holden New Zealand we are committed to putting the health and wellbeing of our customers, dealership staff and employees first. Therefore, in line with the Government raising the C-19 Alert to Level 4, we will be enacting a number of measures to stand alongside our fellow Kiwis and do our bit to limit the spread of the virus.

Will Holden NZ Head Office be open?

No - the Holden Head Office in Mangere will be closed from Thursday March 26 for four weeks.

Can I get parts for my car?

Yes – but only if you are considered an ‘essential business.’ The HNZ Parts Warehouse will open to provide support for ‘essential business’ vehicles only, facilitated via our nationwide Dealer network and Authorised Service Centres.

What is an ‘essential business’?

As determined by the Government, an ‘essential business’ is primarily front line service and personnel ranging from emergency services, health care practitioners, supermarket workers through to food-chain supply such as farmers. Vehicles associated with people working in these sectors fall under the ‘essential businesses’ category and are therefore able to receive servicing and repair.

Where can I find more information about what is an ‘essential business’?

Please click here for additional information.

When will Holden dealers reopen?

We will follow guidance provided by the Government and will resume operations as soon as deemed safe to do so. At the very least, our dealerships will be shut until Thursday April 23.

I need a new car now – can I buy one anywhere in New Zealand?

Unfortunately not, we are bound to and will adhere to restrictions associated with Alert Level 4 and will only resume trading when the Government advises it is safe to do so.

The banks are introducing mortgage holidays, will you be offering the same level of goodwill to Holden customers?

You will need to liaise with your bank or financial services provider.

Is my scheduled servicing considered part of an essential business?

No – unless you and/ or your sector is specifically listed on the Government C-19 website, then your scheduled servicing appointment will not happen while the country remains at Level 4. You will need to rebook your service when the Government deems it safe to downgrade the Alert Level.

My scheduled servicing was due to take place later this month but now won’t happen for the foreseeable future. Will Holden be accommodating of this fact and make allowances for people who can’t maintain scheduled servicing parameters in relation to warranty requirements?

These are unprecedented times and Holden will review each claim on a case by case basis, especially those who are directly impacted by the move to Alert Level 4.

My car is due to get a Warrant of Fitness at my local Holden dealership, but I’m not considered to be part of an essential business. In the meantime, what happens if I drive my car to the supermarket and it’s involved in a crash – and my insurance is void due to not having a WoF – will Holden cover this cost?

Unfortunately not, this is an issue between you and your insurance company.

If my car breaks down, can I still access 0800-HOLDEN roadside assistance?

Yes, the AA has advised they will continue to provide roadside assistance to customers.

Will my car be taken to a dealership for repair?

Only if you are considered an ‘essential business,’ otherwise it will be relocated to your home address or closest place of safety.