Holden Customer Service Charter

Your safety, first class customer experiences and product satisfaction are our commitment to you. Holden and its Service and Parts network are committed to resolving customer concerns in accordance with your rights under the consumer guarantees in the Consumer Guarantees Act. This charter sets out information and direction to our customers, Service and Parts Operations network and their employees on our service standards and options you may have in relation to your Holden vehicle or parts.

Our Authorised Service and Parts Network

We carefully choose skilled and experienced motor trade professionals to become members of our authorised Service and Parts Operations network. Our Service and Parts Operations network is available in key locations around the country for your convenience.

Our Customer Service Experience

Holden is committed to complying with consumer guarantees provided in the Consumer Guarantees Act. These guarantees may continue after the Holden New Vehicle Warranty.

We commit to responding as quickly as possible, ideally within one business day, to any enquiry through our phone, email, website, social media, and our Holden Service and Parts network

We recognise the importance of protecting your privacy. We also appreciate that individuals are concerned about the security of their personal information and we are committed to protecting the personal information that we hold. Our "Privacy Policy" link is available on Holden's website homepage, at www.holden.co.nz

We are committed to open and transparent communication with our customers

We will be consistent in all our communications, either through our Service and Parts Operations network or Holden Customer Care. We clarify your concern and explain how we will help you in plain language

We are clear about reasons for our decisions and advice

We let you know when you can reasonably expect an outcome

We promote equality and diversity

We treat all employees, Service and Parts Operations and customers fairly

We create an inclusive culture for all employees, Service and Parts Operations and customers

If you have a concern with your Holden products or services

Regardless of whether your vehicle is within or outside of your Holden Voluntary Warranty you may have rights for a remedy under the consumer guarantees in the Consumer Guarantees Act.

For further information about your rights under the consumer guarantees, refer to the Consumer Protection website


  1. Discuss your concern with your Service or Parts outlet. Our Service and Parts Operations are equipped to handle your concern and, in most cases, can quickly resolve your concern. Ensure to tell them exactly what you are after.
  2. If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction you can ask to speak with the General Manager or the Service Operator at your service or parts outlet. They are generally responsible for the overall operation of the business and can also raise your concern directly with Holden if required.
  3. In the situation where your concern remains unresolved you can communicate directly with Holden Customer Care using the following:
    By Telephone at 0800 GM Holden (0800 465 336)Monday - Friday:  10am – 8pm
    You can also contact us via email at holdencustomercare@gm.com

What information will you need to raise a concern?

  1. Your name, address, phone number and email
  2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or registration number
  3. Vehicle kilometres
  4. Name of Holden Service and Parts Operation you have presented your vehicle to
  5. Details of your concern; what have you experienced and the outcome you are seeking

Acknowledgement of your enquiry?

We will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry promptly, and preferably within 1 business day.


How can I find out about whether my Holden is subject to a Safety Recall or Customer Satisfaction campaign?

Please contact Holden Customer Care to request information about whether your Holden has been the subject of a safety recall or whether Holden has undertaken a customer satisfaction campaign for your type of vehicle and details of any field actions taken. You can also access the warranty transaction history for your vehicle by contacting Holden Customer Care.

To allow us to help, we will require ownership verification through the following security questions

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or registration number

Plus, three out of the four items below

Model Type i.e. Equinox

Model Year i.e. 2018

Vehicle Colour i.e. White

Transmission Type i.e. Automatic

Once ownership verification has been completed, our customer care team will provide you with any information relating to a safety recall or customer satisfaction campaign, field actions and/or warranty transaction history relevant to your Holden - and can confirm if field actions have been completed in pdf version by email or by mail.

Contact us if you believe we have made an error or acted inappropriately or wish to make a complaint.