Conditions of Supply

Holden Roadside Assistance is provided based on the following conditions:

Unattended Vehicles:  It is imperative that the driver or a representative wait with the vehicle until  a service provider arrives. Unattended vehicles will not be serviced under any circumstances. Where the owner/driver has elected an authorised representative, the representative must hold a current driver’s licence in case the vehicle is required to be moved. Where the vehicle is found to be unattended, any subsequent calls for assistance will be at the driver’s expense. 

Service Costs:  Roadside Assistance covers all eligible Holden vehicles at the roadside for everything except for fuel assistance above that specified on page 6 of this brochure, or parts not covered under warranty. 

Trafficable Roads:  Service can only be provided to vehicles on a constructed road/driveway that is legally trafficable by a conventional two wheel drive vehicle and/or towing recovery vehicle. 

Bogged Vehicles:  If your vehicle becomes bogged on a road which is considered to be legally  trafficable to normal two wheel vehicles, and where no special equipment is required (e.g. power winches and/or extended cables) Roadside Assistance will be provided. Vehicle Rescue.  If your vehicle has become disabled off a legally trafficable road in a situation such as a beach, field or creek bed, Roadside Assistance will attempt vehicle rescue, however this will be at the driver’s expense. 

Remote Areas:  In remote or sparsely populated areas you may experience delays in obtaining Roadside Assistance due to your location, the availability of the service provider and accessibility. Remote areas are defined as areas within New Zealand that are sparsely populated and where normal motoring  organisation services are not readily available. 

Attempted Repairs:  Should you request Customer Care, the service provider will on arrival examine the vehicle. If it is found that a third party has attempted repairs causing further problems and the service provider considers the vehicle cannot be started or driven without risk of further damage, service may be refused. In these circumstances the owner/driver will be responsible for any towing costs incurred.

Special Equipment:  If the service provider is required to return to their service facility to collect any special equipment required to deliver effective service, the additional cost will be the owner/driver’s responsibility. 

Natural Disaster:  If a natural disaster places extraordinary demands on service resources, Customer Care may alter and/or offer an alternative service. If a disabled vehicle cannot be reached owing to events such as floods, snow, bushfires, or any other natural or manmade disasters, Customer Care will endeavour to provide whatever assistance is practical under the circumstances. 

Damage During Service:  If you believe your vehicle has been damaged by a service person providing Customer Care you should contact a Holden Customer Service Operator on 0800 465 336. The vehicle in question must be inspected by a person authorised by Holden and agreement gained prior to any further repairs being undertaken. 

Holden Roadside Care Benefits 

As a valued Holden customer, we welcome you to contact us should you require any of the wide range of services available as outlined in this document. 

Mechanical Breakdown:  If a mechanical breakdown occurs, Roadside Team will despatch a service   provider whose aim is to get you mobile with a minimum of fuss. 

Towing:  If we are unable to get you mobile from the side of the road, then we will gladly arrange to have you towed where the following applies:

If your vehicle cannot be mobilised, your vehicle will be towed to the  nearest Holden dealer as soon as is practicable. Caravans and/or  any form of registered trailer are automatically covered and will be  transported to the same destination as the towed vehicle. If required, the  Holden Dealer can arrange repatriation of your vehicle to you, if they are  more than 100km from your home base or destination. 

Any Holden vehicle or on tow caravan or trailer body in need of  transportation that is overloaded or in an unsafe condition will only be  towed or transported at the driver’s expense, and only provided it is legal  to do so, in the opinion of the service provider. 

Out of Fuel (Not LPG):  Wherever possible, Roadside Team will provide sufficient liquid fuel to enable a vehicle that has run out of fuel to be driven to the nearest service station (the cost of $10 fuel will be at the driver’s expense). Where it is not possible or practical to provide fuel, a tow will be provided to the nearest facility. 

Tyre/Wheel Changing:  Roadside Team will help you replace a damaged tyre/wheel with your vehicle’s spare. Where the spare is not serviceable or roadworthy, a tow to the nearest facility able to supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel will be provided at the driver’s expense. 

Flat Battery:  If you are unable to start your vehicle due to a flat battery, Roadside Team will attempt to jump-start the vehicle and will advise the driver to take the vehicle to the nearest Holden Dealer (during working hours).  In the event of an afterhours emergency, Roadside Team will arrange to supply and fit a new battery (subject to availability). The battery will be at the driver’s expense, however, if the battery is still under warranty, a claim for the cost of the battery may be made through an authorised Holden Dealer
Note: Batteries out of warranty will be replaced at the driver’s expense. 

Lock Outs:  If you have locked your keys in the vehicle, Customer Care will attempt to open the vehicle. However, the owner may be asked to sign an indemnity releasing the service provider from any liability should damage be caused by such force entry. Alternatively, Customer Care will arrange, if possible, for a locksmith to  attend at the driver’s expense. 

Lost Keys:  If you have lost your keys and are requiring a replacement key, Customer Care will make arrangements for your spare key to be couriered to you. If no spare key is available, Customer Care will arrange to have your vehicle transported to the nearest Holden Dealer. Holden keys are fitted with a transponder, it is not possible for a locksmith to cut a key on the spot. All expenses of a replacement key will be at the driver's expense. 

Operator Assistance:  Advice and referral services are available to relay messages and to provide advice on ‘what to do’ and ‘who to call’ if you’re involved in a motor accident, vehicle theft, and/or medical emergency. Whatever the reason for your call, you’ll find our Customer Care operators ready and willing to provide extra support and care at a time when you need it most. 

Relay Message Service:  As an added service, the operator will relay messages on your behalf and alter or make onward arrangements where, accommodation, car rental and travel is affected by your delay. Your Customer Care operator will, at your request, also pass on messages to your insurer, a family member, an acquaintance or business associate, advising them of your delay. 

Medical:  Medical emergencies can and do happen unexpectedly. If you or one of your passengers becomes ill or injured and requires hospitalisation for a period of three days or more, Customer Care will arrange special transportation and repatriation to an appropriate medical facility closer to the patient’s home, only after consent has been provided by the patient and treating doctor. All costs associated with Customer Care repatriation are to be paid for by the recipient and/or their nominated health insurer.

This added service provides the peace of mind and convenience of additional help, to cover emergency accommodation, car hire, transportation and vehicle relocation. These services are provided without limitation to the number of calls and/or claims made. 

Customer Care benefits

Customer Care benefits extend to the driver/owner and passengers, should you find you are more than 100 kilometres from your normal place of residence, and where your vehicle is diagnosed as being disabled for more than 24 hours. 

Accommodation:  Where a breakdown has occurred out of normal business hours and you are 100km or more from your home and your vehicle cannot be reasonably repaired within 24 hours, and access to alternative services (e.g. car rental) is not available, overnight accommodation will be provided subject to availability. Where your vehicle can be locally repaired within a mutually agreed period, Customer Care will provide accommodation for up to 3 nights to a maximum value of $120.00 per night. 
NOTE: Personal expense such as meals, telephone calls etc are not included. These will be at the driver’s expense.  

Car Rental:  Where a breakdown has occurred out of normal business hours and you are 100km or more from your home and your vehicle cannot be reasonably repaired within 24 hours we will provide you with a rental car for up to 3 days to enable you to return home or to continue your journey (up to a maximum value of $120.00 per day).

Car Rental and/or Accommodation:  Where a breakdown has occurred out of normal business hours and you are 100km or more from your home and your vehicle cannot be reasonably repaired within 24 hours Customer Care will provide a combination of local Accommodation and/or Car rental assistance for up to a maximum of 3 days/nights, to a maximum value of $120.00 per day/night (e.g. 1 nights  accommodation, 2 days car rental). 
NOTE: Rental car hire agreements require the driver to be at least 21 years of age and have held a full driver’s licence for a minimum of 12 months. The driver must also provide a credit card for payment of incidentals. 

Transportation:  When car rental is not available and your vehicle cannot be repaired locally, or within a 24-hour period, Customer Care will provide alternative ground transport to your home address for the owner/driver and passengers.  

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Note: Holden reserves the right to change the Service Provider's conditions and supply procedures at any time, without notice.

*Prices quoted are inclusive of GST